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This Is Us: What It's Like to Work at VIP


Vision Integrated Partners (VIP) is always actively hiring for numerous roles across our medical practices, ambulatory surgery centers, and management team. We’re continually on the lookout for the right people to join our work family, grow in their ophthalmology careers, and be part of the rewarding work we do on a regular basis.

If you’re thinking about applying for one of our open roles, you likely have a few questions about what it’s like to work at VIP. Keep reading to get an inside look.

What is it like to work at VIP?

At VIP, we take our culture very seriously. In fact, we like to say that “culture is how we do what we do.” Our team members are undoubtedly our most important assets, and that sentiment is reflected in everything we do. That’s why we always focus on building and maintaining a supportive culture that nurtures each individual’s success. 

Wondering what a day in the life looks like? Working at VIP, you can expect:

Family-Like Atmosphere

Our company is a supportive, tight-knit group with a family-like atmosphere. Even though we have team members at practices and ambulatory surgery centers across the country, technology supports our ability to work together cohesively, helping us build a sense of belonging that makes it a joy to come to work each day.

VIP employees at each business unit continually support and uplift each other to ensure each person is both satisfied and successful in their career. This type of culture spreads across each practice, surgery center, and the company as a whole, creating a warm and welcoming environment where people feel at home.

Development Opportunities

VIP is growing in multiple facets. We continue to expand our patient base, and new practices and surgery centers are joining our group all the time. As we grow, we foresee adding new positions and bringing on new individuals to fill these roles. 

(Have a top candidate in mind for an open role at VIP? We offer referral bonuses when an employee recommends someone who gets hired!)

That said, VIP’s expansion also opens up opportunities for team members to grow and take on new roles with our organization. We’re committed to upward mobility and look to hire from within when employees are interested in and qualified for open roles. 

In fact, many of our team members love to wear multiple hats! That’s why it’s also important to us that our team members have what they need to achieve their ophthalmology career goals and grow, so we provide plenty of training and development opportunities to ensure the success of our team.

Collaborative Environment

We’re all about collaboration at VIP. We have a startup mentality, with experienced and seasoned leaders at each of our business units that support growth in their individual locations and across the company as a whole. 

Because of this, we have built the company as a group, and what we’ve accomplished simply wouldn’t be possible without our collaborative, family-like environment. We take pride in our ability to reach our end goals with intelligence, efficiency, and accountability.

Continuous Improvement

VIP is committed to continuous improvement. We welcome process improvements and regularly evaluate our processes to make sure we are continuously improving. When we see process improvements to make or improvements are suggested to us, we’re proactive about making real change. 

We’re also constantly evaluating the data we have to drive our daily decisions. We believe “Better data drives better conversations and better decisions every day.” Our team is always keeping an eye on trends to ensure we’re never static or stagnant. 

Grow in your ophthalmology career with VIP.

Want to experience the VIP difference and take your ophthalmology career to the next level? We have open roles across the country, with a number of jobs in the ophthalmology field ranging from ophthalmic technicians and opticians to schedulers, medical receptionists, billing managers, and more.

Take a look at our open roles and apply today to join our team!