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How to Land a Job with VIP: A Firsthand Account from Chief Accounting Officer JP Knobloch


Interested in joining a hardworking, tight-knit team?

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our team members. We do rewarding work each and every day and build a close, supportive atmosphere among our team members at the same time. Interested in a rewarding career? We’re actively hiring—apply today!

Here at Vision Integrated Partners (VIP), we are constantly growing and hiring for various roles. We sat down with JP Knobloch, Chief Accounting Officer at VIP, to learn about his background, what attracted him to his role at VIP, and helpful tips for job applicants.

What is your background?

I’m a versatile individual; I’ve had multiple experiences in project management, financial planning, and accounting, and I’m a licensed certified public accountant (CPA). I worked for a similar organization, and I was good with the trajectory there and where things were going. 

I wasn’t really in the market for a job, but a recruiter reached out to me, and they thought I had an excellent background. They were looking to add an executive leadership role at VIP and were wondering if I was interested. 

At the time, I was doing accounting and thought accounting at that high of a level sounded interesting, but I like doing analytical things and like data and didn’t know if my interests made sense with the executive leadership role. The recruiter said they actually needed someone with an analytical mindset in the role because there are many projects in addition to the day-to-day tasks. Even though it was a Chief Accounting Officer role, I had many extra skill sets that would lend well to the position.

What attracted you to VIP?

They really think about the right way to go about processes and software. For me, it’s important that I’m entering an organization where not only do I respect and appreciate the leadership, but I also know I have a lot to learn. It’s important to me to have continuous improvement, and I got that sense during the interview process. 

I was happy to join the team and contribute to VIP’s impact, growth, and direction. To me, it’s about respect of the team, respect of the culture, and the strategic direction of the organization. For me, if you don’t have those things, you start wondering if it’s the right place and the right fit. 

It feels like I was a part of the team right on my first day and hit the ground running. My accounting team and the rest of the leadership team were immediately welcoming and recognized what I was capable of and started putting me to use, and it’s been that way ever since. We work very collaboratively together. 

I love to provide feedback on the marketing materials whenever I have opportunities to and step outside the accounting role. I appreciate the opportunities to get more experiences and the opportunity to grow, and there are tons of avenues for that here.

What advice do you have for job applicants?

The mindset and willingness to learn and communicate are important. We’re a very close group. In previous positions, I didn’t get to know every business leader or doctor. But at VIP, you get to know all of the positions, business leaders, administrators, and history, so you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. 

A positive mindset is important for working with the team. We’re all understanding of each other’s challenges and are willing to help each other. If you don’t bring that positive mindset, it affects everyone around you. Relationship building is an important piece of each position here. It makes the job a lot easier when you’re close with your coworkers. I think coming in with that positive mindset and openness to communication is good for any candidate. 

Not having ophthalmology experience isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It goes back to mentality, outlook, and attitude. Experience is always going to be specific to the role, but willingness to learn, work with others, and a positive attitude are key across the board regardless of position.