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Join the VIP Team: Healthcare Training Overview


Vision Integrated Partners (VIP) is constantly hiring for our ambulatory surgery centers, medical practices, and support team. We’re always on the lookout for the right people with a passion for helping others and a desire to grow in their careers to be a part of our tight-knit team. 

If you’re thinking about applying to join our team, you’re likely wondering what the healthcare training process is like. Keep reading for your inside look.

Training at VIP

We sat down with Kim Hickey, business unit leader at Erdey Searcy Eye Group, to talk about healthcare training processes within her business unit and in VIP as a whole.


Healthcare Training for Hires with Little to No Experience

Generally, the first 30-60 days of employment consist of training and on-the-job coaching. Our training process depends on the role. For example, we train front desk hires differently than ophthalmic technicians.

Front desk training consists of onboarding followed by shadowing every area of the office to give new hires the opportunity to meet everyone and understand the workflow. This helps new hires get to know other people they work with beyond understanding that they just work together because they wear the same color of scrubs.

After onboarding, new hires go through a shadowing process and are then paired with an experienced trainer. The trainer mentors and coaches the new hire by showing them how to perform tasks and then watching them perform the same tasks. As they’re comfortable, they are slowly moved out of training and begin to perform their usual job tasks with minimal supervision.

Ophthalmic technicians may use a combination of online training, an outside consultant for detailed instruction, and an in-office mentor who has experience in the role. Generally, we have a small group of ophthalmic technicians go through training at the same time. This helps build camaraderie among the group and helps new hires not feel alone or like they’re the only one in the surgery center who doesn’t fully understand how to perform a certain task.

Training is personalized, so if a new hire isn’t feeling comfortable or isn’t ready to move on to the next step, they’re not pushed into it. We hire based on aptitude and attitude, so to ensure mutual success, we tailor training to support the individual.

Advice for Hires with Little Experience

Everything will feel awkward and new at first, and you may not have confidence, but trust in the team and the experience they have to support you as you develop and grow. Believe in yourself and go for it rather than be apprehensive. We encourage our new hires to jump in and give tasks a try.

Healthcare Training for Hires with Significant Experience

Training for new hires who have significant experience moves a little quicker because not a lot of time needs to be spent on the technical aspect of the job. However, we still want new hires with significant experience to learn about our culture and the team. 

Instead of the technical aspects of the role, more time is spent on the basics of that particular medical practice or ambulatory surgery center, how it’s run, and the different platforms used for day-to-day operations.

Generally, new hires with significant experience are excited to jump in right away, and staff members are excited about that as well.

Advice for Hires with Significant Experience

We encourage our new hires with significant experience to look at the practice or surgery center with a critical eye. Things evolve, and fresh eyes and new perspectives are welcomed, so don’t be afraid to give feedback!  

Opportunities for Growth

There are plenty of opportunities for professional development at VIP. Whether our team members want to grow within their current career path or explore a different career path at VIP, we support their goals and provide what they need to succeed in their new roles.


Ready to Join a Tight-Knit Team?

VIP is always actively hiring for numerous roles within our medical practices and surgery centers across the country. Whether or not you have experience or healthcare training, we encourage you to take a look at our open positions and apply today to join our team!